Eurolease Q & A with Wild and Free Travel

Just go collaborated with Rhys and Shanna Truscott, founders of Wild & Free Travel on their Eurolease experience, not once, but twice in 2019. Rhys and Shanna spent over 38 days extensively travelling around Europe in our brand-new motorhomes.

We wanted to find out their first hand experiences and share their advice for explorers wanting to experience the Eurolease trip in 2020.

What is the Eurolease?

Eurolease is an offer from Just go where you can fly to their factory in beautiful Tuscany, Italy and collect a brand-new motorhome and drive back to the UK. You can explore Europe at your own pace and have the opportunity to travel through 18 countries. In 2019, the Eurolease offer included 50% off motorhome rental costs, free European insurance, free ferry cross from Calais to Dover and Unlimited mileage.

It is a trip of a lifetime that you will never forget!” – Shanna Truscott (Wild and Free Travel)

Where did you go on your Eurolease?

Rhys and I got very lucky and had the opportunity to go on two Euroleases back to back.

Since we are the adventurous type of couple and have been living in London the past five months, we couldn’t pass these opportunities up! It was just a short plane ride for us to get to Pisa, Italy.

Our first Eurolease adventure took us from Pisa, Italy to Florence where we travelled around the Tuscany winery region. The next stop was the romantic city of Venice.

We then headed north to the Dolomites mountains before driving to Lake Como. From Lake Como, we went to our bucket list destination, Switzerland. We spent 5 days here exploring Lauterbrunnen, Iseltwald, and the Swiss Alps. It was beyond amazing!

We had one full day of driving directly through the center of Germany to reach our next destination, Amsterdam! We had dreamed of seeing the tulip fields in the Netherlands for a long time and it happened to be the perfect timing as they were all in full bloom.

Our last night was spent in Belgium where we indulged in Belgian beer and waffles. The ferry back from Calais, France to the UK is an easy 1.5-hour ride then about a 2-hour drive back to the Just Go Depo where you return your RV.

On our second Eurolease we decided to switch things up and explore new areas of Europe. We started again in Pisa, Italy. Once we picked up the RV, we headed back down into the Tuscan winery region. It was so beautiful out there and has so many places to discover.

We stayed a night at an organic farm stay which was awesome, then spent a night near the Saturnia Hot Spring (which is a MUST-SEE). The next stop on our bucket list was visiting Rome to set eyes on the Colosseum. After touring around the city, it was time to head to the beach to get our tan on!

We had 4 days to sightsee around Sorrento, Italy. During our time here we visited the different cliffside villages including Positano, Amalfi, and Ravello. They were truly breathtaking to see in person.

The next stop was a unique place called Matera, Italy. It is known for cave houses that date back to 251 BC. This was a bit off the tourist route but was 100% worth seeing. It was like you have stepped back in time.

After Matera we headed to the famous region called Cinque Terre. This area is known for the colorful cliffside villages. We were able to buy a train pass for one day to visit all 5 of the iconic villages plus had a day of exploring Portofino. This was the perfect ocean holiday!

We then headed to the French Riviera where we spent a few days visiting Monaco (the world’s second-smallest country) and Nice. The last stop of this adventure was Paris before catching the ferry back to the UK.

How many miles did you drive?

We averaged around 2,500 miles each trip.

On our first Eurolease we had 17 days to drive back from Pisa, Italy to Bedfordshire, England. We felt this was enough time to explore and not feel rushed. We did, however, find places we wished we could have spent longer at. This just gives us a good reason to go back next year!

On our second Eurolease we had 21 days to explore before needing to return the RV in England. This was the perfect amount of time we felt as we got to spend a couple of days in certain areas we really wanted to see.

What was your most favorite city you visited?

That is a tough question as we loved a lot of them. I would say our favorite place out of all of them was Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland. The 72 waterfalls falling high off the canyon walls with the Swiss Alps surrounding them was just magical to see in person.

What RV tips do you have for travelling in Europe?

A couple of tips we would give people is make sure you get the right adapters for your electronics and book your campsites in advance. We bought a universal adapter and extension cord off Amazon and it worked great.

What tips would you tell others that are doing the Eurolease?

You are going to have the best time EVER! It is seriously life changing as you get to see several countries in one trip thanks to your home on wheels.

What is the one social post that best captures your trip?

Saturina Hot Springs in Italy. It was so peaceful and relaxing. We got there at the crack of dawn to beat the crowds and watch the sunrise.

Where was the most scenic stretch of road?

One of the most scenic roads we drove down was in the Dolomites, which is the mountain range in northern Italy. Having towering mountains on all sides with their unique jaggedness was extortionary to see while driving.

What was your favorite campsite?

Our favorite campsite by far was Camping Jungfrau Holiday Park in Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland. Our view from the RV was 5 waterfalls cascading off the top of the canyon cliffs that surrounded us. We even had a following river at the back of our RV. This campsite was the perfect home base to explore the Swiss Alps.

Why do you love traveling in a motorhome?

We love traveling in a RV because of the freedom it offers. There is nothing better than waking up in a new place with amazing views.

Did you just stay at campsites? If yes, how much do they typically cost in Europe?

Yes, we did stay at RV parks on both trips. This was due to us wanting to be able to connect to electricity since we work from our computers. The other positives about staying at campsites is they are secure, have toilets and showers, and usually have restaurants and stores on site. Also, wild camping can be illegal in a lot of areas in Europe, so make sure to do your research beforehand.

Campsites in Europe generally cost between £15 to £50 a night depending on the location and if you want electricity included. The fee usually includes the use of any recreation activities on site, showers and toilets, your RV pitch, and sometimes they even offer shuttle bus services for a small fee. We found a lot of places charged extra for the electricity and some even charged based on how many watts you used.

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